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Kirby Bedon


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In 1999 Jeanne came across an article in a newspaper which reported a man who was dying of a blood disorder – then having had the stem cells from eight different baby's umbilical chords injected into him, at the end of a week he was not only recovering but had changed his blood type. In that moment of reading Jeannie's Angels came to her and in the ensuing conversation told her that every organ and system in the body has a Stem Cell origin and that she would be taught how to access this Stem Cell frequency from brain memory to stimulate healing and repair of the human physical body in a way never used or accessed before. Indeed in 2002 when Jeanne suffered what was supposed to be a fatal heart condition she used along with other CCDH systems and Stem Cell frequency healing on herself.










Through her experiential journey over the past 25 years Jeanne has put together the system of Crystal Clear Diamond Healing. Like most people Jeanne's path has not always been easy.  In 2002 she became very ill and was rushed to hospital where she was resuscitated twice and spent a week on life support. Jeanne was subsequently diagnosed with Viral Inflated Cardiomyopathy, facing a grim prognosis she knew she had to make some serious changes in her life. Since 2001 Jeanne has walked back to an active and fulfilling life via the use of the  systems provided by CCDH, the advice from her doctors and listening to her Angel teachers and energies in absolute truth.


Jeanne has worked extensively with energies in absolute truth divine love and light who have helped her construct powerful healing modalities. She has also studied Chromotherapy (colour healing) based on the work of Ghadiali Dinshah and is an NLP Practitioner, she has integrated both disciplines into her system of CCDH. CCDH has a multitude of applications for all modalities and  long history of successes with people and animals.